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Like water but different by star153
Like water but different
Ratchet and Rocket Raccoon each furrys from out of space, Many have wondered about them in the same place like i just did.
I Just hope you like it and sorry if here's something wrong with this.
I seen things on the Internet years ago I can't find now and wondered if you know where they are, Just tell me if you do.

The 1st one is a Transformers stop motion story were the Decepticons find something beside a wall, But Starscream (from Armada) betrays Magatron(from cybertronby Steeling something that something that Ruination (from R.I.D) uncovers.
At the Autobot base a groop or transformers are playing cards, one was sleeping and another groop of Autobots (Optums prime from cybertron
 included) watch Powers Rangers and spongebob. Then they see Megetron saying "Death to al treaters" on the scream them Mario dolls. Optmus and Megareon are bout to fight when starscream show up again with the green and wight toa inika, they form Giant Starscream (from cybertron) and he takes out Optimus and Megatron. Soon frenzy Shows up and transformers into a fan to clear the sand and Megatron got back up saying "I still function." and Megatron attacks Starscream like he did as galverton in the film, combined with other Decepticons and blasted the green and wight to a inika off Starscream. However the Decepticons to transformers back into a giant and then they fight. I really don't know what happens next.

The 2nd one is where Transformers from Autobots and 
Decepticons fight supers from Marvel and dc and lose, Starscream (from energon) says "screw you guys i'm going home"but is shot down. The victory of the supers is short lived when Optimus and his pet croc show up, Their entrance is similar to the HE-MAN intro. Hulk stands up to Optimus and takes him and Omgea (from energon) down. But Omgagive optimus the Maxtix after he mistake Him for Hotshot. Megatron fight some Supers then Hulk like he did with Megatron in the flim, Then he did some fighting styles the wo talkedabohut in a non-english language. Optimus beats the hulk and claims leadership of Transformers and Non-Transformers and Omega say "Wait a go". Hulk walks away like he did fin his own film. It had sueqles like Optumus Prime the Autobot and Optimus Prime in drury duty.
Spike: Bio chart and style by star153
Spike: Bio chart and style
I thought I might best give Spike his own style, The boots he's wearing fit perfectly. Hope you Spike fans like it.
Thanks to tamersworld for helping me make this artwork.
There have been some movies having furries in rising lately. I Don't know what made them be made but I'm glad it is happening even if the music in one of them is beautiful enough to hurt. Furries maybe entering a new stage in history.


United Kingdom

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