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Argit {Do you feed you boots to mud all the time)

Rook Ben {Almost, But I think I recognize this pit)

Ben is Spying on them with Kevin who is not where ben is but where he can watch them the camra. Soon Kavin is able to see Argun find out mud is part poop and Argit screams in horror.

Ben {Get that?)

Kevin {Haha yep.)

I once talked to someone about why revonnahganders always wear boots and that someone told me "Farmers use boots since they're cheap and mud wont slip in I guess" It made me think if Rook ben wear boots why not dunk them in mud. I hope you will do the same thing I did, Rook benie's a cute pup in boots that should get muddy and I like him.
Rocket Racoon is a beloved marvel superhero but in his start doesn't wear boots. But as time went by he was giving boots in his own comic. In the all new all different marvel timeline his boots are made out of metal which might mean the magnet boots or jet boots.
I love Rocket Racoon in boots and wished he would wear them in the film and animated show. What do you think?


United Kingdom

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